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Putz & Putz private customers

We take care of financing, insurance & investment so you can hit the ground running!

Even for the best-informed consumers, the financial market is becoming increasingly confusing. How much does what insurance cost? What do you actually get for it? Which services do you need and which can you do without?

Putz & Putz works with a pool of experts. Why? Because we keep an eye on all insurances, see what is changing and get the best possible conditions for our customers.

We analyse all products offered on the Austrian market and can thus provide the optimal selection.

What distinguishes us brokers from insurance agents?


strictly regulated according to the law on brokers

objective advice

commissioned by the client

committed to the best solution for the client’s individual needs

Insurance consultant

Employee of an insurance company

bound by instructions

Must sell internal products

Financing – We have your finances under control!

Financing for real estate purchases is cheaper than ever before. Nevertheless, it is important to be careful, because there are a large number of details that need to be taken into account. We obtain offers from a large number of local and national banks and filter out the best overall concept for you. In addition to obvious influencing factors such as term, interest margin or repayment structure; we pay particular attention to the total costs, including all ancillary fees and expenses.


A loan agreement is usually a commitment for many years. All the details are laid down in it – which is precisely why it is important to have an experienced, bank-independent advisor at your side.


We would be happy to tell you more about this during a no-obligation consultation!

Investment – We get more out of your capital so you can enjoy a carefree retirement!

The pension gap is already a reality – and as a result, the new pension account is now also occupied. To be able to maintain your standard of living in retirement, timely and sufficient provision is a must. You want to invest, but then actually have a noticeable benefit from it in your pension?


We are a proven expert in pension provision and capital investment. We filter out the most suitable products for you from all those offered in Austria. In a personal meeting, we discuss your individual situation, your risk tolerance, your life planning and include tax factors in a concept created for you.


A large number of investment products on offer promise a carefree retirement. However, the question is how much money will actually be available to us and what the capital will be worth at the time.


Arrange a non-binding consultation and we will put together an individual offer.


You can take out the following insurances online right here.

Pet insurance -
Care and provision belong together

Your pet is a reliable partner – and an integral part of the
of the family. You give it a lot of love and care. But
even the best care can’t prevent your dog or cat from getting
dog or cat from getting sick or injured. That’s why
animals also need health insurance.

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