Strategic Investment Perspectives March 2022

The return of the swing exchanges

Dr. Manfred Drennig

Europe and Russia are currently talking past each other. Europe laments the human tragedies of the war and the breach of international law, while Russia speaks of its elementary security interests, which would be violated by Ukraine’s admission to NATO.


At these levels, as terrible as the situation always is, we will not be able to say anything that has not already been said. We assume, however, that this war does not represent, as some politicians like to put it, a “turning point in time”. In our opinion, it will only bring an awakening of many a dreamer to the harsh reality of our world. We therefore outline who will be the losers, and who will be the winners of the war in the world of states, and focus on the question of how best to preserve one’s assets in times like these.


We hope that this topic will find your interest and wish you a stimulating read.


Your Dr. Manfred Drennig

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Dr. Manfred Drennig was, among other things, Deputy General Manager of Österreichische Länderbank and a member of the Management Board of Bank Austria.


Since 2002, he has been a shareholder and managing director of PrivatConsult Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH in Vienna.

Strategic Investment Perspectives March 2022