Private health insurance: When, if not now?

Whether you like it or not, the pandemic is still dominating our lives and thus our daily routine. It's understandable that the topic of health is being discussed more intensively right now, and that the question of the best possible medical care is thus coming into focus. But what have we learned in two years of the pandemic?

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Primary care still optimal?

We live in a country with a very reliable health care system that provides very good basic medical care. Nevertheless, healing in peace and under the best conditions can no longer be provided by the statutory health insurance in many cases.

Many people are no longer willing to accept long waiting times for appointments, overcrowded surgeries, the little time that SHI doctors have available for their patients, and much more. Factors such as service, comfort and the ability to choose their own facility and doctor are important to many patients, in addition to the best possible medical care for their health.


Time to act

The status quo of days gone by will not be restored so quickly, especially in the medical sector. This is a fact that we have to face, but it does not mean that we have to accept it. The magic word for the current medical dilemma is once again: private health insurance. As in the past, it can now also close the necessary gap that has long since become utopia for the statutory health insurance system.


6 important insurable benefits of private health insurance for your health:

  • whether in the doctor’s office or in the hospital: you get an appointment faster
  • cost coverage of private or elective physicians
  • single or double room for hospitalization
  • cost coverage for alternative treatments
  • You are in the hospital of your choice (public or private)
  • free choice of doctor


Your health plus in turbulent times

Appointments for planned operations or treatments with “low priority” depend on the utilization of intensive care units. While appointments and operations have been and are being canceled as a result in public hospitals, appointments can be kept as scheduled in the majority of private hospitals almost without exception.

Due to the lower number of patients, private medical practices have the opportunity to increase the minimum distance in waiting rooms or generally to keep contact between patients as small and short as possible.


From the right time

The best time to take out private health insurance is always NOW. You can secure the most favorable premium when you are young and healthy. Contact us and we will discuss with you how you can best cover yourself (and your family) and which insurance solution best suits your individual needs.

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Private health insurance: When, if not now?