Digital school: (School) laptop or tablet broken? Who pays for the damage?

Overnight, teachers had to switch to distance learning and homeschooling with the onset of the Corona pandemic. They quickly came up against technical (and practical) limits: Making teaching material available online, uploading completed learning tasks to a platform, holding classes virtually ... schools were not prepared for this and the implementation was a challenge.

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8-point plan brings laptops and tablets for students

In order to create the same pedagogical and technical conditions for IT-supported teaching for all students, the Austrian federal government’s digitization offensive provides for students in the fifth and sixth grades to be equipped with laptops or tablets. Many students have already received these. Now the question arises: How are these devices insured?

→ Household insurance

Most household insurance policies include notebooks and tablets – but often only if they are actually in the household and not somewhere else. They are therefore basically protected against the classic risks such as fire, storm, water damage or burglary. As a rule, the insurance company will pay out the claim and the device can be repaired or replaced.

→ Tablet or laptop insurance

Where household insurance or the manufacturer’s warranty reach their limits (e.g. loss of the laptop outside the home), electronics insurance steps in. And a mishap can happen quickly: the device slips out of your hand, you trip over the cable and tear the notebook off the table, cola spills over the keyboard …

With tablet or laptop insurance, you can provide for the following risks, among others:

  • breakage damage
  • liquid ingress
  • operating errors
  • overvoltage, short circuit
  • damage occurring outside the home

We are at your disposal if you would like to discuss the coverage of your children’s school laptop (or your own, of course) with us. We will clarify to what extent tablet and notebook are covered by your household insurance and whether and which electronics insurance makes sense.

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