Investment opportunity: Land for sale in Nové Mlýny

6 plots with the total area of 118.300 m², of which 17.899 m² are located directly at the lake and ca. 10 ha in the second row


1 plot with the total area of 9.500 m² located close to the lake


located close to the lake | attractive location between Vienna and Brno | the area finds cultivated vineyards, fertile fields, historical settlements, natural reserves and is suitable for sport and recreation activities

We offer land for sale at the reservoir Nové Mlýny in the Czech Republic. The plot is situated in Southern Moravia, in the southeast of the Czech Republic, on the way from the Austrian capital Vienna to Brno. Nové Mlýny is a popular tourist destination (interesting landscape, historical and architectonic monuments, reservoir). The tourism potential of the region is currently not thoroughly exploited, esp. due to insufficient infrastructure and low quality of touristic services.


Investment opportunities:



Paul G. Putz, MBA |
Ing. Jitka Poulova, PhD |