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7 properties with an area of around 12,8 ha

at Nové Mlýny, South Moravia, Czech Republic

The seven properties are located on the Nové Mlýny reservoir in the Czech Republic and have a total area of approximately 12.8 ha, of which 2.74 ha are designated for development. Nové Mlýny is a popular tourist destination due to its interesting landscape, reservoir and historical and architectural monuments. However, the tourist potential of the region is currently not fully exploited, mainly due to the insufficient infrastructure and the low quality of travel services.

Real estate

  • Property number 183/98
  • Property number 183/99
  • Property number 183/100
  • Property number 183/101
  • Property number 183/106
  • Property number 183/138
  • Property number 183/150

The Nové Mlýny reservoir


The Nové Mlýny reservoir is located in the Pálava region of South Moravia, in the southeast of the Czech Republic. The region lies on the way from the Austrian capital Vienna to Brno (the second largest Czech city) and stretches from the town of Mikulov towards the northeast. It is a popular tourist destination due to its interesting landscape and nature (picturesque wine-growing villages) and historical and architectural monuments (ruins of medieval castles Děvičky and Sirotčí hrádek, statue of Venus of Věstonice).

In 1976, the Pálava Hills Protected Landscape Area was established to protect natural and cultural monuments in the Pavlov Hills. Ten years later, it became the third place in the Czech Republic to be included in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve under the “Man and Biosphere” program.

The Nové Mlýny reservoir is a cascade system of three dams. It was built between 1975-1989 on an area of 3,226 hectares. The upper reservoir is used for irrigation and recreation, the middle part is a nature reserve with artificial islands for nesting birds, and the lower reservoir is used for recreation, irrigation and power generation (very famous is the Romanesque-Gothic church of St. Linhart, preserved on an island as the only relic of the flooded village of Mušov).

The tourist potential of the region

With 1,6 million tourists per year, the South Moravia Region is above the average in the Czech Republic. The region is known for its individual, sports, wine, health and congress and cultural tourism, especially in summer. About 2/3 of tourists are Czech citizens. Foreign visitors from surrounding countries stay in the region for less than 3 days on average.

In order to further boost tourism, the regional government has prepared a development strategy. This aims to attract domestic visitors (mainly residents of the major urban centers) and international visitors (especially businessmen and participants of congresses). In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, the regional government focuses mainly on interregional cooperation (creation of natural tourism regions – merging of municipalities into natural units), support of tourism activities, improvement of the information system, professional training of tourism workers, and organization, management and marketing of the entire region.

In our opinion, the area around the Nové Mlýny reservoir has a high potential as a tourist destination. In order to implement the previously mentioned development strategy, new accommodation facilities as well as facilities for sports entertainment, education or congresses will have to be built. This will lead to a high demand for well-located land in this area.