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Land Investment Strategie

Power of Investment

The aim of all investments made by PPP Land Investment AG is to provide shareholders with long-term returns. To this end, suitable land is identified and the potential of the respective regions is evaluated. In the capitals of Central and Eastern Europe, land prices have in some cases already risen to levels comparable with Austria or Germany. The greatest opportunities for extraordinary returns in the coming years will be in still undervalued, attractive regions away from the metropolises.

Die größten Chancen auf außerordentliche Erträge bestehen in den nächsten Jahren in noch unterbewerteten, attraktiven Regionen abseits der Metropolen.

Land Banking

The company focuses on “land banking” – the acquisition of still low-valued land with high development potential.


The investment horizon for investments in this category is long-term. Increases in value result both from the ongoing appreciation of the properties, as can be expected in regions with emerging economies, but can also be accelerated and maximized by active measures taken by PPP Land Investment AG.

Measures to increase value

  • Actively pursuing rezoning
  • Purchase of larger areas, division and sale as building plots to private parties
  • Purchase of several small areas and sale to a large strategic investor
  • Sale after rezoning or purchase of developed areas and value enhancement through demolition, cleaning, etc.
  • Cooperation with local governments in the planning and financing of infrastructure measures.

Priority is given to direct investment in land. If special circumstances require it, investments are made indirectly through project companies, always provided that the underlying real estate value is attractive.

Investment Manager

PPP Land Investment AG relies on a lean corporate structure and has outsourced the entire processing and operational management to an investment manager within the framework of a management contract. The investment manager, Paul Putz & Partner Management Consultants GmbH in Vienna, has long-standing contacts and know-how in the targeted countries. Relevant language skills and local staff give PPP Land Investment AG access to long-term, low-risk investments with excellent earnings potential.

For more information on the Investment Manager, please visit the webpage of Paul Putz & Partner Management Consultants GmbH.