Joint mission, joint success – cooperation with Gateway Ventures

Dear investors,
dear business partners!


We are very pleased to announce today a far-reaching co-operation with the Austrian Gateway Ventures. Gateway Ventures has always been the most comparable company to Danube Angels, with a similar length of time on the market and success in equity financing. This is why a co-operation has presented itself, which I have been preparing with the founder and CEO Markus Kainz and our teams for several months.
We want to expand our common ground and further develop our complementary activities for the benefit of all stakeholders, whereby both companies will continue to operate independently. More information below in the text and the link to the press release.

I would like to thank you all for your interest in Danube Angels. We are very confident that the co-operation will offer new and promising opportunities for all of us. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

With best regards,

Paul G. Putz, MBA
Managing Partner



The search for capital for early-stage companies is challenging and urgently needs the even greater involvement of business angels and private capital. This is evident not only in Austria, but throughout the European Union. Idle capital that is of little use to the economy must be mobilised and brought into the economic cycle. In return, investors benefit from growth opportunities and, in particular, the national economies, as young companies in particular utilise fresh capital very quickly to invest in personnel and property, plant and equipment.

The benefits for investors include a broader and more diversified range of investment opportunities, the use of a fully digitalised platform with additional features that our current platform does not offer and the on-site and online networking of our two investor groups with the opportunity to learn from each other. Together we are a more interesting partner for young companies with growth plans and the combined investment capacity gives us access to the best deals, which is sometimes not possible on our own.

At the end of this week, following the public announcement of the cooperation, we will also be presenting the first joint investment opportunity. This is an ideal model case, as the company approached Danube Angels, we presented it to Gateway Ventures, carried out the due diligence together and prepared the transaction. Stay tuned – all the information will be available soon!

Joint mission, joint success – cooperation with Gateway Ventures