Dr. Manfred Drennig

Manager, author and politician

Education and career

1958-1962 – Studied law alongside military service and, among other things, claims officer at Erste Allgemeine Versicherung

1962 – Doctoral degree followed by judicial year

1963 – Joined the former Girozentrale, increasingly entrusted with further tasks, in particular management of the economics department, the management secretariat, marketing and advertising, and investment management

1968 – Part-time appointment as member of the Austrian Advisory Council for Economic and Social Affairs, 1973 (rotating) Chairman

1970 – Admission to the supervisory board of Voest Alpine and the two then still independent companies Schoeller Bleckmann and Böhler (until 1985)

1974 – Appointed to the management of the then newly founded Wiener Holding. There he played a decisive role in the successful restructuring of Bauring, as well as in the reorganisation of a number of other municipal enterprises


Appointed to the board of Österreichische Länderbank (at that time the third largest credit institution in Austria), where he was initially involved in restructuring work after Eumig and Klimatechnik, then responsible for the entire domestic credit business. Also member of a number of supervisory boards of Austrian companies, including Porr AG, Hallein Papier, Österr. Investkredit, and Interunfall. Resigned after the merger with Zentralsparkasse in 1992

1989-1992 – Chairman of the Credit Section of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce and as such member of the Presidium of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce

1992-2002 – Active in the construction industry; mainly involved in extensive restructuring of former East German construction companies. Most recently head of finance at the German STRABAG AG and at the same time managing director of Strabag – Project development

From 2002 until today – Together with Dr. Josef Taus, partner and, after passing the Fit & Proper Test, also Managing Director of a jointly founded asset management company “Privatconsult Vermögensverwaltung GesmbH”

Other activities and functions

Occasional involvement in politics, among other things as co-author of the “Koren Plan” and advisor to Dr. Alois Mock on economic policy issues

1965-1973 – Member of the Executive Board of the Vienna Chamber of Labour, parliamentary group leader of the ÖAAB and the FCG in the Austrian Chambers of Labour

1973-1974 – Councillor of the City of Vienna and Member of the Provincial Parliament

since 1963 – Member of the Dr. Karl Kummer Institute

since  2005 – Member of the Board of the Austrian Welfare Association for the Blind

Publications (excerpt)

Tauschen und Täuschen : warum die Gesellschaft ist, wie sie ist. Ueberreuter, Vienna 2008

Mitarbeiterbeteiligung in der Österreichischen Politischen Landschaft. In: Mitarbeiterbeteiligung, – Ideen die gehen, Herausgeber: Wolfgang Schüssel, Mitautoren: Christoph Leitl, Wolfgang Schüssel, Michael B. Treichl u. a., Signum Verlag, Vienna 1988

Die Krise sind wir selbst Zur Mechanik sozialen Verhaltens in komplexen Gesellschaften, Österreichischer Bundesverlag, Vienna 1982

Vermögensverteilung in Österreich – ihre politische Relevanz. In: Heinz Fischer (Herausgeber), Das Politische System Österreichs, Europa Verlag, Vienna 1974