Direct market plus

An IPO is often associated by companies with a huge expenditure of time and money. However, the segment “direct market plus” created by the Vienna Stock Exchange proves exactly the opposite and can offer an excellent opportunity to enter the capital market.

Paul Putz

What used to be the preserve of large corporations is now also open to smaller growth companies. In addition to the advantages of stock exchange trading as such, the publicity and marketing effects for ongoing business come as part of the package, so to speak.

Advantages for companies:

  • Shares can be traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange, investors can buy and sell easily via the Xetra® T7 trading system
  • Lower access requirements and follow-up obligations
  • The direct network offers a wide range of experts for different company phases
  • Low fees

In the course of my many years in the stock exchange business (32 years), I have followed many developments. Also, special market segments were created earlier in Austria and in many other countries. Some of them still exist, most of them have disappeared again. I see this segment as really useful, because the effort for the issuers is low and a specialized a specialized network of advisors is available. Named the “direct network,” investment banks, auditors, lawyers, advertising and investor relations agencies, and underwriting consultants can be consulted.

Paul Putz & Partner Management Consultants is a partner of the Vienna Stock Exchange for equity and bond issues:


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Direct market plus